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The Famine

Sixth Class have been busy at home creating fantastic projects about the Famine. Have a look at this wonderful PowerPoint sent in by one of our students!


Grandparents’ Day

Sixth Class made beautiful projects to welcome their grandparents to our school last week!


Project Work

Sixth Class have been working hard on lots of individual & group projects over the last few weeks & months. Here is a flavour of some of their work focusing on The Netherlands & World War II. They are currently working on Chinese New Year projects & have interviewed their parents & grandparents about their time at school.

An Gorta Mór

Sixth Class have worked really hard over the last two weeks learning all about The Great Irish Famine and enjoyed presenting their Famine projects to Ms. McBride’s and Mr. O’Neill’s Fourth Classes, who are reading Under the Hawthorn Tree as one of their class novels.

The Blitz

Sixth Class have been learning all about World War II and put together excellent projects about The Blitz.

Shandon Bells

Fifth Class had great fun during their trip to visit The Shandon Bells during Science Week.

King Midas

Fifth Class have been learning about King Midas and rewrote the story using their own words and illustrations!

Collins Barracks

Sixth Class went to visit to Collins Barracks Open Day to view the cell and execution site of Thomas Kent. They also saw a military display and the army band.

To the People of Ireland…

Fifth Class imagined what Pádraig Pearse might have written in a final letter to the Irish people.


Trip to UCC

Sixth Class had a great day in UCC yesterday. As art of Science Week, we went to see Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show. We learned all about the history of medicine from Hippocrates up to modern times. After the show, we went on a tour of UCC. We wore special robes and learned lots of interesting things about the university and its history and traditions.