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Port of Cork

Fifth Class really enjoyed their boat trip around the Port of Cork today!

Cork Harbour Trip

Mrs. Aherne’s 5th Class really enjoyed their speed boat trip around Cork harbour in the sunshine!

Fifth Class Port of Cork Project 2018

Fifth Class have been very busy working on their annual Port of Cork project. This year the title of the project was “Port of Cork 30 Years From Now”.


Safety Training Day

Fifth Class went to Tír Na Sí on Tuesday. There was a safety training day for primary school children. The children learned all about Road, Water & Farm Safety. The children had a wonderful day learning about safety and visiting Tír Na Sí’s lovely animals. This is the first step in attaining our Safety Flag.

Project Work

Sixth Class have been working hard on lots of individual & group projects over the last few weeks & months. Here is a flavour of some of their work focusing on The Netherlands & World War II. They are currently working on Chinese New Year projects & have interviewed their parents & grandparents about their time at school.

Chinese New Year

This year is the Chinese Year of the Rooster!

Shandon Bells

Fifth Class had great fun during their trip to visit The Shandon Bells during Science Week.

Big Bear Planetarium

We learned all about space and the cosmos inside the planetarium during Science Week.


Sixth Class had great fun cooking, baking and exploring the farm at Ballymaloe!

Port of Cork

Fifth Class had a fantastic time during their trip to the Port of Cork today!