Active Week

Sixth Class has great fun during Active Week!

Building Bridges

Look at the amazing bridges the pupils in Sixth Class made!


Fifth Class designed and tested their own parachutes for Engineer’s Week.

The Sweet Factory

Sixth Class have been working on a number of STEM projects, including inventing their own sweet factory. Click here to see one of their amazing creations!


More Amazing Bridges

Here are some more wonderful bridges built by Sixth Class! Keep up the hard work everyone!

Building Bridges!

Sixth Class worked on a STEM activity this week to build bridges. Look at their amazing creations!

Lego Champion!

Congratulations to Jack from Sixth Class who won a Lego Dream House competition recently. The winner of the competition was chosen by Lucy Kennedy! Well done Jack!

Rock Art Project

Look at these fabulous creations by Fifth Class!

Procedural Writing – How To Make S’mores

Junk Robots!

Sixth Class have been working on a STEM challenge this week – to create a Junk Robot. We have had some great projects sent in so far this week. Keep them coming!