Monthly Archives: December 2016


Fifth Class exploring tessellating shapes!

Shandon Bells

Fifth Class had great fun during their trip to visit The Shandon Bells during Science Week.

The Science of Bubbles

Fifth Class really enjoyed “The Science of Bubbles” in the Firkin Crane during Science Week. We took part in some amazing experiments and learned a lot!

Big Bear Planetarium

We learned all about space and the cosmos inside the planetarium during Science Week.

Stop and Stare


A number of weeks ago, children from Sixth Class took part in a drama production together with a members of the Cope Foundation’s drama group. They spent the day getting to know each other, learning the script and rehearsing together. In the afternoon they put on a performance for the children in 3rd to 5th. The messages portrayed in the drama were simple yet powerful. We saw how words can both hurt and heal; how we can lift others up or bring them down; the lasting impact bullying and negative behaviour can make. All of the children, both actors and spectators, learned a lot from the experience. We would like to extend huge thanks to the Cope Foundation for giving us the opportunity to take part in Stop and Stare, and to help share the important message that all people should be treated the same way.