Monthly Archives: April 2015

Cycling Club

Boys and girls from Fifth Class are greatly enjoying their after school cycling club and are looking forward to a trip to Killarney before the end of the year. They are learning all about bike handling and safety, as well as proper cycling etiquette. Well done and thanks to all the volunteers involved!

Model Planes!

Fifth Class have been learning all about the science of flight and have designed our own planes. We experimented with different paper types and weights, plane size and many variations of wing shapes. We also reinforced the nose of some of the planes with a weight such as a paper clip. We discovered that some designs spun while they flew, others curved and some flew in a perfect straight line. Some just plummeted to the ground! The wind strength and direction also had a big influence on the planes. After a number of test flights, we  adjusted our planes to try and find the best design. We then had a plane flying competition to see which design would fly the furthest.

Port of Cork

Fifth Class recently created a beautiful representation of the Lusitania to mark the 100 year anniversary of the year the liner sank off the coast of Cork. Their project was entered in the annual Port of Cork competition.

Science Showcase

Fifth Class worked in pairs and small groups to research and create science experiments. They then demonstrated and explained their experiments tot heir classmates and pupils in other classes.

Extreme Reading

Sixth class students doing some extreme reading at school!


Mrs Sutton’s 6th class present some of their project work.

Fifth Class Choir

Our Fifth Class choir recently performed at a gala concert in the City Hall.