Monthly Archives: February 2015

Blackrock Castle Observatory

by Sophie Daly

This week is Engineer’s Week. Yesterday 5th class went to the Blackrock Castle Observatory.  Let me tell you all about it.

First we got on the bus at 9:15am. It took about 15 minutes to get there.  After we got off the bus Mr O’Neill’s class went off to do a different type of science than our class.  Our class went to learn about space engineering.

They split the class into two groups.  First my group went to see a model of a comet!  We learned that in 2004 a space craft called Rosetta was launched into space hoping to land a smaller space craft on the comet.  Philae, the smaller space craft, was sent to travel around the comet and collect data.

It took ten years and then Philae landed.  Philae landed in the wrong place.  It is solar powered but it is dark where it has landed.  Now Philae is no longer collecting data.  Rosetta is, but not as much as Philae would have.

Next, we played a video game.  We had to stop a comet from hitting Earth.  Whoever won got a prize.  There were three rounds and they were all quite hard.  In the end, Sam won.  He won a poster.

After that, we went into a room with loads of fun ways to learn about the planets.   There were magnets, video games and you even got to pretend to send a message to space.

Next door there were four rooms with one screen in each.  Each room had two different videos about the universe.  You got to sit on beanbags.

We met up with the rest of the class to have lunch.

After a few minutes, we went into a room where we were either in twos or threes. Deon and I were together.

In the room, we learned about electricity.  We all made light bulbs work.  We also sent discs flying up into the sky.  We also made an alarm.  We used switches to make everything turn on and off.

Next, we went for a walk. After the walk, we got on the bus to go home.

We all had a great day in Blackrock.