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5th class completed some excellent debates on a variety of topics. They argued for and against less homework, longer break times, as well as the use of mobile phones for children. Winners were chosen from each category although many of the arguments were so convincing that the judges were hard pressed to decide between them!

Mini Sevens

The girls ladies football team participated in a mini sevens blitz in Carrignavar. Here they played against Little Island and Carrignavar. The girls played brilliantly and demonstrated great teamwork skills. Well done girls!!

Science Week in U.C.C.

20141124-212932.jpgby Joe Fahy

On Monday November 10th, Fifth and Sixth Classes went to U.C.C. for a science lecture. We got the bus to Cork City at 9:10 on Monday morning. The U.C.C. grounds were amazing. When we went in for the lecture, there was a lot of different objects on the table in front of us. The lecturer was happy to meet us. He showed us lots of fun experiments.

One of them was called “Giant American Marshmallows”. There were around ten marshmallows in a plastic Tupperware. He got a pump and sucked nearly all the air out of the container. As he did, the marshmallows got bigger and bigger until they were the size of your ear! When he tried to open it, it wouldn’t open. He said there was the weight of one large car on the lid. But he had a handle on the edge. When he opened it, the marshmallows shrank until they were tiny.

Another experiment was a hovercraft. They stapled a big sheet of plastic onto a circular board and stuck a leaf blower into a hole cut out from the board. He got a volunteer to sit on a stool stuck into the board. When he turned it on, the volunteer floated a tiny bit. It was amazing! You could push it around and it would slide around the room, no bother! The lecture was amazing. It was like magic.

On the way back, we had a great chat about what we learned. It would be great to go again!

A Trip to Dublin

by Kathleen Lauret Sexton

On the ninth of November, a group of students from 5th Class involved with a choir taught by Róisín McGrath headed off to Dublin for a concert held in St Patrick’s College.

That Sunday, at 9 o’clock in the morning, we all met up. My teacher Mrs O’Connor kindly offered to come with us so we got on the bus with our partners and set off on our trip to Dublin.

Three hours later we arrived in St Pat’s Training College, Drumcondra, Dublin. It was here we met our conductor Róisín, with whom we had been rehearsing for months in school, and today was the big day. We did a few warm-ups on the bus before we headed into the college. We went into a studio where we met our accompanist Ciarán for the first time. He would be playing the piano at the concert. We did lots of practises to make sure everything was perfect. At quarter past three we all started lining up and then we walked to the concert venue.

The concert was being held in the college chapel. When we walked in the atmosphere was electric, charged with emotion. There was lots of movement around as everyone was getting their seats. At half three the concert began. We were second on stage. We sang three songs – “I am the Earth”, ” Peigín Leitir Móir” and “Look at the Stars”. There were eight choirs from primary school, secondary school and adults. It was amazing to hear such beautiful singing in the chapel. At five o’clock the concert finished and we got on the bus for O’Connell Street where we had something nice to eat.

We stopped at McDonalds where we each had a delicious meal. Our tummies were full as we got on the bus home. A few hours later we arrived at the school where our proud parents were waiting for us to tell them about the wonderful day we had!

Tour of UCC

This week 6th class went on a class visit to UCC. We took part in the Hootie programme and received a guided tour of the campus. Some of the places we saw were the Aula Maxima, the Observatory, the West Wing and the Stone Corridor. We searched for the oldest book in the Aula Maxima and found one from 1747. We spoke about all the previous presidents of the university and learned about George Boole. We particularly enjoyed drinking hot chocolate in the canteen! At the end of the visit we all received certificates!


5th Class took part in an international skype call to students in Spain. We shared our hobbies, weather, different holidays, food and the school day. We also sang ‘Wake Me Up’ as gaeilge.

Nature Trail

5th class went on a walk to Rocky Road as part of science and geography. We looked at the different plants and animals in our local habitats.